Water Samples to the Lab

Water Samples to the Lab

The SeaVibe Club has sent 6 water samples to Monterey Bay Analytical Labs from our fieldwork in Treasure Beach. The labs will test for levels of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, aluminum, copper, and fluoride. Let’s hope for good results!

Thank you Monterey Bay Analytical for donating your time and resources to help with this project!

SeaVibe volunteers have been busy compiling the results from our water quality field labs to share with everyone. Students performed water quality tests from 12 sites in the Treasure Beach area, testing for nitrates, phosphates, coliform, eColi, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and other tests.

We worked hand-in-hand with the Galleon Fish Sanctuary Wardens to train them to conduct ongoing tests to monitor the changes in the sanctuary. Students at Sandy Bank Primary School participated in training while conducting water tests at their school. Many youth in the community heard of our work and joined us in the field. The training will allow youth and community members in Jamaica to continue testing their water sources over the next year.

The Treasure Beach Women’s Center is storing the test kits. They are available for check-out to any community member interested in water quality testing.

Stay tuned for results of these and other results from this field study!