SeaVibe International Water Quality & Art Internship

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Follow the journey of 5 high school students as they lead us on a discovery about the global importance of healthy water resources. Traveling from the United States to Treasure Beach, Jamaica, we will conduct water quality testing, paint a community mural with students at Sandy Bank Primary School, and create an art exhibit for the local Womens Center. Learn about watersheds and how our actions on land can benefit the ocean.  Follow our adventure!  Subscribe to the blog… participate in the experience!

June 18 – 28, 2012

SeaVibe International Water Quality & Art Field Study
Treasure Beach, Jamaica

BACKYARD…Water Quality Testing:  Students conduct water quality testing in their neighborhoods, and analyze the data to identify pollutants in creeks and tributaries.  Interns this summer will study the Black River Watershed in Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica.

Interpretation through Art: Students will translate scientific data and field work discoveries into ideas that are easier for people to understand. They present the data in a variety of ways, including expressions of poetry, paintings, artistic exhibits, and community murals to communicate a lasting message.

International Field Study: Students travel internationally to share their field research with other students and empower each other as activists and leaders in our communities.  Volunteer projects and multi-cultural experiences inspire unity and peace on Earth.

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Catch the Vibe!

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