SeaVibe Science & Art Enrichment Program has launched!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe SeaVibe Science & Art Enrichment Program is a new experiential education opportunity that opens classroom doors to community projects and art exhibits that communicate healthy water solutions. This program is designed to engage everyone – students, families, home schools, community members, businesses, and others – to increase our understanding of community water issues and drive collective improvements from the mountains to the sea.

The Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to education that communicates scientific topics through the arts. Participants conduct scientific water quality monitoring in their communities that incorporates science, math, physics, ecolo2013-06-03_09-51-27_679gy, social studies, and language arts. They create art exhibits like murals, photography, and music to translate scientific findings for public understanding, highlight connections between a healthy environment and a productive economy, and offer solutions that lead to positive improvements.

The Program meets state and national academic standards with p1030301an emphasis on academic mentoring and volunteering as stepping stones to career opportunities and leadership roles. Connecting people to real-life projects creates a sense of belonging to their community, a better understanding of each other and nature’s true value, and a stronger desire to act responsibly to protect nature’s gifts for this and future generations.

Why is this important? Over 80% of the world’s population live along coastal areas. Waterways provide food, air, recreation, transportation, and many other economic and ecological benefits. Students today lack practical, hands-on training and skills to improve water issues. This Program educates students about the importance of a healthy watershed, the global impacts of local water issues, and how making smart choices on land can improve the health of our waterways and all of life that depends on it.

Want to get involved? Contact Michelle Crawford at or visit for the course outline and a downloadable flyer. To register, click here. Or simply sign up to follow this blog!

Although this is a pilot project being offered in Athens, Alabama, the program can be scaled up to include communities anywhere in the world. Please spread the word! Everyone is welcome!