Crash Bandicoot Hike to Natural Springs

We left Friday at 6AM to hike to the natural freshwater springs in Great Bay, a fishing villiage in the Treasure Beach area. Our guides, Shaka and Gishard, led us over tall sand hills, where biting red ants sped us up…around thorny twists and turns…under the hot sun…into a cool, underground cave where the water sprang from the earth and the rock above provided shade. We tested the water quality at 3 springs and really appreciated the privilige we enjoy to drink clean water anytime we want it. We were so hot from the hike, we ran straight into the ocean to cool down on our way home. I forgot my phone in my pocket and it no longer works. Anyone trying to reach us can now call 1-876-855-0974.  

One thought on “Crash Bandicoot Hike to Natural Springs

  1. Kristina says:

    Put your phone in a bag and cover with rice for 48 hours! You all are doing a great job! Looks like fun!!!

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