Day 1 in Treasure Beach

Despite fears of our flights being canceled due to the forecasted “flooding rains” yesterday and today, everyone arrived safe and on time. We received just enough showers to cool us down after 2 months of no rain in Jamaica.  The weather is perfect!

We also made it through customs with our water test supplies with no problem!

Today we enjoyed getting to know each other on our 3 hour drive from Montego Bay to Cacona Villa in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. How lucky we are to be traveling with such a talented group of high school honors graduates, the valedictorian (Shruti Patel) and salutatorian (Stephanie Medina). We have a diverse group of talented dancers, pianists, mathematicians, bi and tri-lingualists, and the youngest researcher ever, the 6 month old baby boy Bodhi, who reminds us to keep our sunscreen on.

We stopped at the farmer’s market to purchase food for the week and bought the paint we will use for the school mural….and witnessed a crocodile sunbathing under the Black River bridge.

After settling into our rooms, we circled up on the sandy beach for our orientation meeting, and took a walk along the shoreline and a swim in the warm Caribbean Sea.

Michelle and I cooked potatoes, cabbage, salad with homemade mango dressing, red beans, and curried goat. After gobbling down our food, we studied a little patois, the local language. Karla from our guest house brought by a yummy banana nut bread that put us into a coma and now everyone is off to sleep to rest up for a fun day at the Treasure Beach Womens Center tomorrow.

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